RWC Inspections

Till Hino has been Licensed by VicRoads to conduct roadworthy inspections and issue RWC Certificates for both Heavy and Light Vehicles. 

The process includes an initial inspection, and if necessary, a follow-up inspection within 7 days, & then the issue of a Roadworthy Certificate for vehicles that pass. 

Roadworthy inspections are performed at our Geelong dealership in our dedicated RWC bay. Once an RWC certificate has been issued it will be valid for 30 days and can be used for the registration or sale of a vehicle.

If you require a comprehensive check of the overall condition of the vehicle we can provide an independent report.

Where an item is identified as not meeting VicRoads RWC standards this will be reported and rectification options will be advised, and you will be given a re-inspection within 7 days, once satisfactory then an RWC certificate can be issued.

Call our service department on 1300 446 663 to arrange an inspection.
Alternatively, you can schedule an inspection online.

Schedule an RWC Inspection Online